Stewardship of the Heart

Lana Jerome || Board Member

Introducing, Master Gardener, Lana Jerome. She is the Grass Lake Sanctuary land steward and has spent countless hours caring for the land through various stewardship projects. She feels the land-its plant life and creatures and presence-as a dear friend. She shares this living relationship with participants who come to the land for the Women’s Wellness retreats.

At the beginning of each GLS retreat, Lana offers participants an inspirational tour of the land so they can begin their own relationship with its healing presence. As part of her tour, she explains:”Part of our land stewardship program is about removing invasive plants to make room for native plants. There is a parallel between this and what happens within the human heart. Through GLS retreat experiences, participants are removing the invasive species of stress and trauma, and the next step is to nurture and replace that which is native. For the land, it is plants. As a human being, the native state is love.”