Grass Lake Sanctuary: A Retreat Sanctuary for Life-Balancing Connections

Grass Lake Sanctuary is both a place and people. The land itself, a stunning 145 acres of beautifully preserved diverse Michigan ecosystems, brings its own healing presence to every program held here. The people of Grass Lake Sanctuary – from its Board of Directors, to its staff and retreat presenters, to its many volunteers from within the organization and the greater community – are dedicated to stewarding this space where all who enter can feel the vibrant healing connection between nature and our hearts. The land and people of GLS come together in a unique partnership through our programs, retreats and volunteer opportunities which serve the people of southeast Michigan by helping participants learn tools for releasing stress and trauma and re-entering their lives with enthusiasm and creativity. This in turn ripples out to their communities as they embody and carry these tools for wellness and life balance back into their families, work settings, and daily lives.

We invite you to learn more about us through Our History – the story of the sanctuary land and the people of GLS – as well as meeting the GLS Board of Directors and GLS Staff, people of remarkable compassion and commitment.



Our Mission is to provide dynamic retreat experiences and programs focused on nature, relationship building, creativity from the heart, foods for health, de-stressing and rejuvenation services. GLS sets out to help people integrate this experience back into their lives through follow-up coaching and community resources.



Our Vision is to be the national model for research-based programs and retreats with an emphasis on integrating Life Balancing Connections back into everyday life.